Selected Biographic Information

Born 1946               England

Education:              Portsmouth School of Art
                                St. Martin’s School of Art: BA Hons. (Sculpture) 

1965 to 1985          Studio assistant to Anthony Caro – initially full time, then part time, then specific commissioned

1975 – 76                Tutor/Technician, Dept. Environmental Media, Royal College of Art, London

1981 – 84                Commissioned work for Caro including the construction of his ‘Child’s Tower’ for the Arts
                                Council touring exhibition, ‘Four Rooms’.

1994 – 2007            Established contemporary furniture design and make practice.

1988 – 94                Principal Design Tutor, Parnham College, Dorset.

1995 to 2003          Visiting Lecturer/Tutor/ facilitator/Workshop Leader at different UK higher education institutions,
                                including John Moore’s University, University of Central Lancashire, Rycotewood College, 
                                University of Plymouth and others.

1999                       Shortlisted, Jerwood Prize for Applied Art. 

2001 ongoing        Individually designed and make small buildings, with local materials and a sustainable ethos.

2006                       ‘WHOLE LIFE COST’, Arts Council supported, major solo   National touring exhibition.

2009                       RETURN TO SCULPTURE

2011                       ‘From Floor to Sky’, new sculpture at P3 Gallery, University of Westminster, London.

2012                       Selected, Wells Art Contemporary. Selected Royal West of England Academy 160th Autumn

2013                       BU Art Loan Collection and Atrium Gallery, ‘The Art of making’. Project: The Journey: Exploring
                               the Nature of Mending, Walford Mill Crafts.